Welcome to my blog – a platform where I express my thoughts on things I’m interested in.

I see it as a good way of crystallizing my thoughts and un-cluttering my mind. I’m no expert in any of these areas just an enthusiast, I guess. So hopefully you find value in here. If not, well…mmmm I need to work on that. I appreciate all your feedback good and bad, it’s the only way I can improve.

Why “Above The Veil”?

“It is a metaphor used by mortal scholars to explain the interactions between the two different realities.” The realities being imaginative worlds I come across through anime and games. I enjoy these mediums because they are fun to immerse myself in and provide experiences that the real world cannot. The Veil part came from my love for Dragon Age, a masterpiece of a world thriving with great characters, stories and lore.

Looking to collaborate?

I’m always looking for people work on side projects with, whether being blogs, fan fiction, short stories, vlogs and other videos. Get in touch and let’s create something cool.

And follow me @seyiagboola – I tweet here and there.

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