5 Reasons Why One Punch Man is Saving Anime

One Punch Monster

In case you haven’t heard – One Punch Man is currently saving anime.

Before Saitama came along we were still mourning the loss of Hunter x Hunter (it’s been a year and Togashi still playing Dragon Quest). We were also feeling the burn from a below-par One Piece arc (Dressrosa). The industry was at wits end then our bald super hero enter the fray and saved the day – like a bawse.

The success of the series has surprised many but the Day One manga readers were already hyped the moment they found it would be Madhouse handling the adaptation. Inevitably there has even been talks of a second season.

These are the 5 (amongst many others) reasons why One Punch Man is worth the hype and has such an incredible mass appeal worldwide.

It is an anime true to its original source.

Saitama is OK

A lot of animes get a lot of stick for not following mangas closely enough or simply not doing them justice. Tokyo Ghoul totally went off track in season 2. Then in other cases, it’s the animation that’s at fault. Remember how Toei Animation went all weird on us with Dragonball Super? But obviously Madhouse who has been delivering BANGERS all year round comes along and delivers another smash hit.  

It has a great sense of humour.

Saitama Scary

This is the best part about the series. We get a lot animes that get too serious and philosophical. Which is not a bad thing (unless it ends like Neon Genesis) but being funny is the ultimate form of entertainment. And as a westerner, it’s nice when Japanese humour doesn’t totally get lost in translation every now and then. The entertainment value overall is rather refreshing.

The Protagonist isn’t generic

One Punch Man GOAT

It’s nice to get a protagonist  that isn’t a hard headed, dumbass intent on saving the world (sorry Naruto/Luffy). Saitama actually moves away from the traditional protagonist formula of taking themselves too seriously while being overly stubborn for the sake of grit and gusto. My man right there, doesn’t give a fuck – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Hitting the mainstream

One Punch Man dominates IMDB

It is breaking records everywhere. The show is a commercial success without the accompanying hate you get from hardcore anime fans due its mass appealing nature. My friend at work asked if I watched One Punch Man the other day. He never watches anime.

Bringing the anime community

goku saitama game

For a moment let’s ignore the hype beasts doing weird shit like – fantasizing over Genos Tumblr gifs, power scaling Goku vs Saitama and comparing 12 episodes with shounen heavy weights –  we all are enjoying it and having fun. This is a nice change of pace from the usual discussions such as how overrated One Piece is, Naruto’s infinite fillers, shounen face-offs and Togashi’s mental state of mind.

Now the series is over (for now) let’s all take a moment to thank Saitama for ending the year on a high.
Cheers baldy.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why One Punch Man is Saving Anime

    • Haha there’s a lot of hype around it but when you do watch it remember its an Anime that doesn’t take itself seriously. Just try to enjoy the humour and don’t compare it to the typical shounens out there because that’s not the point. 🙂

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