Why are there so many remasters and re-releases for PS4 and Xbox One?

Remasters are coming in thick and fast on next-gen consoles especially on the PS4. There has already been many such as: Metro: Last Light, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Injustice: Gods Among Us, DmC for both consoles and we haven’t even touched the list of exclusives that has also re-released. Developers will tell that this is a chance for you to experience the best games in their ultimate form. A sceptical gamer would say this is simply a money spinning venture. Depending on your stance both may be right.

Profit-driven exercise?

Let’s not be mistaken here. Publishers are cashing in on these next-gen remasters. Upgrading a game and adding features is less resource intensive than building from scratch. When you then release that upgrade at full retail price to an established fan base, you are going to get more than a return on your investment. Not long ago there was a time when the gaming community were screaming for backwards compatibility but nowadays if you read into the forums and discussion boards, you’ll clearly see the dilemma that divides us. It is whether we would want the cheaper original or a perfected version at full price. I would personally go for the best experience possible so as clichés go: experiences are priceless.

Games will always be questioned on their value for money but with re-releases everyone knows what they are getting themselves into. As long as consumers are willing to pay up I would say everyone wins. This recent trend doesn’t end with remasters of single games. You also have Collection Editions, including the Halo series and the recently announced Batman Arkham Duo coming soon. It all falls under the same category and believe it or not there’s some positives here.

The Positive Side

Personally, I have no hard feelings towards this because this only happens with the best games with a core fanbase who are willing to spend the money. Actually for once as a pessimistic by nature, I am seeing the positive side of this recent. For example, there are many PS4 owners who didn’t get the PS3 and missed out on some great exclusives. Fortunately for them, they are getting a better experience than the first-rounders with added DLCs and better visuals. This works both ways with PlayStation benefitting massively, particularly based on recent events. With Uncharted 4 being delayed the re-release of God of War III does allow Sony to fill in gaps in the PS4 portfolio in 2015.

What are the best re-released games at present?

There has been so many recently that it would be good to work out which ones are good value for money.

Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us is an experience most gamers would be more than happy to live all over again. If you are like me and didn’t get a chance to play the Left Behind DLC then this would be a good chance to finish what you have started.

The Last of Us Left Behind PS4

Halo Master Chief Collection Edition

As my friend told me “this is the best value for money EVER”. Putting all four entries of probably the most popular Xbox exclusive into one package must have had a few fans going wild. We’re talking four full games, including the DLCs and over 100 multiplayer maps to play with. Unfortunately the initial release was plagued with online issues that probably left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of many.

Halo Master Collection Edition Xbox One

GTA V Next Gen Re-release

The re-release for Xbox One and PS4 was inevitable but what caught everyone by surprise was the additional first person perspective offering a whole new experience. This is the sort of feature I would like re-releases to include, a way to switch up the gaming experience besides simply polishing graphics and adding new maps. The additional 100 radio tracks were a cheeky extra for when your crew need to get in the mood for an online heist.

GTA V on PS4 screenshot in First Person View

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

I am personally looking forward this. This will include the three previously released DLC packs along with additional features. Such as:

  • Additional NPCs added for an enhanced story experience.
  • Improved online matchmaking functionality.
  • Increase in maximum online players in single session (6 total).

Although, this may feel like a “make-do” for Xbox One owners with Souls series successor, Bloodborne being released exclusively on PS4.

Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin on Next Gen

What re-releases can we wish for?

There are quite a few games I would love to be re-released but these in particular.

Dragons Age Master Collection

For me it’s not all about the graphics, its also changing the mechanics, perfecting the gameplay and adding something new to the experience. With Dragon Age Inquisition having recently been released (late last year), I think I can wait 3-4 years time for any sort of revamp. Plus I personally believe that the Inquisition entry has so much DLC potential based on the smaller storylines within the main. But in the future I would like a Mastered Edition using all 3 entries, taking the best parts from each one.

The story itself in Inquisition was underwhelming and the characters shallow in comparison to Origins. Sometimes I think a lot of Dragon Age fans have short memories when they comparing the two. In Origins, your decisions mattered a lot more. I mean seriously. Morrigan asked you to sleep with her in order to breed a demi-god child. Zevran turned on you at a key moment in your travels. Wynne forces you to choose between killing her and saving the Templars. So many powerful choices needed to be made. Inquisition in this area simply does not compare.

Zevran Dragon Age Origins on PS3

Dragon Age 2 did a lot wrong but its battle system was fantastic in my opinion. I am not a fan of the way Inquisition dumbed it down in the third instalment. Actually I think that’s worst thing they did.

Dragon Age II Combat Screen

Ambitious and expansive. Those two words are what I would describe Inquisition’s universe. You can roam for hours exploring the diversity and details of the different areas. What Bioware achieved in this aspect is truly incredible and they deserve all the credit due.

Dragon Age inquisition maps

Demon/ Dark Souls re-releases

Dark Souls 2 is already being re-released but many Souls veterans would agree that Dark Souls was better than the second. Demon Souls was a great first entry and could be even greater if the maps were refurbished and the mechanics perfected as it actually was in Dark Souls 1.

Demon Souls on PS3 screenshot

Fallout New Vegas

The amount of glitches found in this game even rivalled what Ubisoft released with Assassin Creed Unity but there was actually minimum outrage. This just goes to show how great this game was. I am quite confident that Bethesda is currently working on a Fallout 4 but maybe later on New Vegas could do with a deservedly remastered edition with sharper visuals and much-needed bug fixes. As I for one never got to finish the game because… it FROZE.

Fallout New Vegas

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4 thoughts on “Why are there so many remasters and re-releases for PS4 and Xbox One?

  1. A Demon’s Souls re-release would be fantastic. It was an amazing game but it really was a little rough around the edges. The changes in the mechanics in Dragon Age: Inquisition have damn near put me right off.


    • I reckon after Dark Souls 3, we will get a Souls Master Edition a year so later.. When that day comes, I’ll probably shed tears of happiness.

      And honestly, I am the biggest Dragon Age stan but the combat mechanics in Inquisition is the worst thing to happen to the series lol.


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